Khamman Peer Dargah


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Most travellers happen to miss the beautiful religious spot Khamman Peer Dargah, which remains well-hidden in the premises of Charbagh Railway Station in Lucknow. This age-old religious site boasts of splendid architecture, displaying intricately carved jaali designs. Believed to be in existence from past 900 years, Khamman Peer Dargah not only attracts Muslims but a great number of Hindus too. On every Thursday, the shrine sees a never-ending queue of devotees as it is believed that divine souls shower their blessings on believers on this day. The non-stop chanting of the holy Quran fills the air with magical aura and believers with an inexplicable faith. Each year, a Natiya Mushayara fest is organised here and famous mushayara poets from all across the country partake in the celebrations.