Lucknow Economy

Lucknow Economy

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Major industries in Lucknow urban agglomeration include aeronautics, automotive, machine tools, distillery chemicals, furniture, and chicken embroidery.

Lucknow is one of the top cities in India by GDP. The liquid is also a center for research and development for the National Dairy Development Board, the Central Research and Development Centers of the National Milk Grid of Aromatic and Aromatic Plants. Vikas Nigam and U.P. Export corporation

According to a study by Assocham Placement Pattern, Lucknow Economy ranked sixth on the list of the ten fastest-growing employment-generating cities in India, Lucknow economy was first based on the tertiary sector and most of the workforce was employed as government employees. Compared to the capitals of other northern Indian states like New Delhi, large scale industrial establishments are very few.

Lucknow economy is growing with contributions from the fields of IT, manufacturing, and processing, and medical / biotechnology. Business promotion institutions such as CII have established their service centers in the city.

Many software and IT companies exist in the city. Tata Consultancy Services is one of the leading companies with its premises in Gomti Nagar, the second-largest such establishment in Uttar Pradesh. HCL Technologies launched its training program with 150 candidates at the HCL Lucknow campus in April 2016 There are many local open-source technology companies here. The city is home to several important national and state-level headquarters including Sony Corporation and Reliance Retail. 100 acres (40 hectares) with a spread of 15 acres costing 15 acres at the Chak Ganjariya farm site for Sultanpur has been planned by the government in the state and they have already established the status of Special Economic Zone for this project. Has approved, which is expected to employ thousands of people. Job opportunities in the state.

The city has potential in the handicrafts sector and accounts for 60 percent of the total exports from the state. Major export items are marbled products, handicrafts, art pieces, gems, jewelry, textiles, electronics, software products, computers, hardware products, apparel, brass products, silk, leather goods, glass items, and chemicals. Lucknow has promoted public-private partnerships in areas such as power supply, roads, expressways, and educational undertakings in Lucknow Economy

To give a boost to the textile industry in the city, the Government of India raised Rs. 2 billion (Rs 2000 million) to set up a textile business cluster in the city

Lucknow economy