Vertical garden services in Ghaziabad

Vertical garden services in Ghaziabad

About Leaf landscape

Leaf landscape is home to nation’s one of the best professional landscaping services. Experiencing what skilled gardening would feel like at it’s best, we provide great landscaping ideas for vertical gardening and how it can transform your entire space in a go. The vast variety of options to choose from, adding art and colors to a dull and lifeless space, creating a mesmerizing landscape for anywhere you want and however you want.

Over the past few years, Leaf landscape’s professional team has worked around many recognizable spaces, like office spaces, around metro areas, public gardens or residential spaces with their eye for details and talent for creating something exquisite. Green walls, vertical gardens, kitchen gardens, balcony gardens, Stone-hardscaping, flowerscaping, etc. are few of many landscape services that we expertise into. Being a great supporter of nature and an environmentalist ourselves, Leaf landscape focuses entirely on customer satisfaction first, with exemplified commitment through our vertical gardening services in India and products.


Garden Renovation

There must have been times when your garden had seen better days. The freshness and sparkle of newly settled plants over freshly bedded land is always a pleasant view to look at. After all, bringing a dream landscape to life can never be too pricey for a nature-lover. Though, with time, plants start to wither and dry away even with all the maintenance and care in the world.

Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are easy to install, given that they are well designed and placed correctly along with a control zone. They are easily accessible and operated with a spigot (a small operating plug/switch) for the water to flow all over the landscape, and can be customized with a timer to water the area for a specific time.

Maintenance Service

Leaf landscape provides landscape maintenance services from maintaining the flowers, tree beds and plants to mowing the lawn, fertilizing the soil, servicing irrigation errors, etc. We take care of all things from designing to installation and maintaining the landscape for complete customer satisfaction.


Landscapes installation requires dedication and hard work. Not that it can’t be done by self, but why take the pain if you can achieve a perfect dreamy look by a professional’s help. It is always better to take a professional’s opinion.

Indoor plant

Indoor plant scaping is all about how creatively these beautiful living entities be made a part of our existence while cohabiting with them. Adding plants in indoor spaces not only makes that place more creative and attractive but also has numerous health benefits in having fresh green plants around, maintain an optimal atmosphere.

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